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HealthChem is fully qualified to specify, design, build, install and validate turn-key Life Safety systems in accordance with UBC Article 80. Our team of designers, fabricators and installers will report on project status to assure that the work is completed on schedule and on budget.



At Kawatec in Santa Clara, we managed installation of a new clean room facility including ultra-clean bulk and process gas supply systems; automatic gas cabinets; life safety systems; emission control systems; and tool fit-up. The life safety system initiates alarms and the automatic shut-off of toxic gases, hydrogen and oxygen when certain conditions are detected, such as fire, gas leak, earthquake or emergency power off. Alarm conditions are also transmitted to remote graphic panels located at the operator and guard stations.

At Toshiba Microelectronics ASIC Facility in Sunnyvale, CA - Bob O'Dell was Project/Construction Manager for $5-million fast-track, turn-key ultra-clean bulk and specialty gas supply systems; process gas storage room, automatic gas cabinets, piping, life safety systems, emission control systems and equipment fit-up.

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Toxic Gas Detection and Alarm Systems

Article 80 requires that any facility that uses toxic or hazardous process gases must have a supervisory system for the detection and annunciation of gas leaks. The life safety system initiates alarms and the automatic shutoff of toxic gases or, hydrogen and oxygen when certain conditions are detected, such as fire, gas leak, earthquake or loss of power.

Working closely with our customers, local fire authorities and gas detector manufacturers, we have successfully installed a range of toxic gas detection systems. In a typical installation the remote sensors are wired into a central control/alarm panel where the alarms, shutoff sequences and other actions are initiated. Each alarm can also be transmitted to a remote location for supervisory monitoring. Other process upset conditions such as fire, earthquake, loss of power and flammable gases may also be reported to the central alarm station.

HealthChem's project manager will work closely with your facility's personnel to assure that each alarm/control panel system is designed to satisfy all applicable regulatory requirements and is convenient, dependable and simple to use. Once the gas alarm control system's operational modes have been specified, we can work with you to evaluate and select the best gas detection equipment, supervisory control, data and alarm instrumentation, and annunciation system for your application. Our electrical designers prepare the associated wiring and conduit layout drawings, one-lines, controller input/output lists, and power and control wiring schematics. After installing your system, we will calibrate and startup the components and provide full operating manuals and training to your staff.


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