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Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA

Process engineering and design for CMP facility including DI water, process cooling water, clean dry air, and bulk chemical distribution systems. Also supervised the design of process utility control system interface to building automation and safety systems.

Assisted in conceptual design of a copper wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater neutralization systems.

Intel - D2, Santa Clara, CA

Project Engineering for facility improvement projects at involving re-use water, process oil-free and breathing air, and bulk chemical distribution systems. Also supervised the design of process utility control system interface to building automation and safety systems.

Performed a study of wet acid exhaust duct system and diagnosed cause and remedy for localized softening at gasket joints, penetrations and low points.

Prepared new specifications for material and installation of fiberglass ductwork. Studied and diagnosed particulate generation from wet scrubbers. Added pH control and make-up water adjustments.


Toshiba America, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

Managed installation of a new clean room facility including ultra-clean bulk and process gas supply systems; automatic gas cabinets; life safety systems; emission control systems; and tool fit-up. The life safety system initiates alarms and the automatic shut-off of toxic gases, hydrogen and oxygen when certain conditions are detected, such as fire, gas leak, earthquake or emergency power off. Alarm conditions are also transmitted to remote graphic panels located at the operator and guard stations.


Kawatec, Santa Clara, CA

Turn-key installation of a state-of-the-art toxic gas supply system to safely and cleanly store and deliver various toxic, flammable and corrosive gases such as, phosphine, ammonia, silane, boron trichloride and hydrogen chloride. Designed and built the Life Safety System. Worked closely with the Sunnyvale city officials to assure that the system complied with all Article 80 requirements.


Hyundai Microelectronics, Lane County, OR

Prepared calculations and air permit forms for DRAM production facility. Although in Oregon, emission standards based on BAAQMD methods.


I.B.M. Corporation, Yorktown Heights, NY
Supervised design, engineering and construction of an ultra-high purity nitrogen storage and supply system including cryogenic tanks, valves and piping; gas purifier and filters; pressure/flow control station and electropolished 316L SS gas supply system. The nitrogen purifier and filter systems yield a gas purity of less than 0.1 ppm of H2O, O2 and CO2, and less than 10 particles/CF greater than 0.1 mm.
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